1. Deep Clean
    Civic Mimic

  2. Broken Glass
    Speed the Plough

  3. The Covers Album

  4. Crow

  5. Must Be Santa/Must Be Satan

  6. I Feel Love
    Karyn Kuhl Band

  7. Thanks For the Guitar, Mommy
    Cathedral Ceilings

  8. Bison

  9. "The Point of the Point" w/"Checked Out"

  10. "Bait" / "Couch Cooking"

  11. Garden Variety Fuckers
    You, Me, and This Fuckin' Guy

  12. Garden
    You, Me and This Fuckin' Guy

  13. Aardvark

  14. Drac/Witch
    Sink Tapes

  15. Personality Crisis
    The 65's

  16. Teenage Waistline
    Positive No

  17. Easter Tuesday
    Joy Cleaner

  18. Meanwhile In Another Part Of Town

  19. Shmyvesant

  20. Gondola
    Melting Hopefuls

  21. groping for luna, vol. 1

  22. The United Hates
    David Rat

  23. "Hellbent for Heather"

  24. Flip Your Wig

  25. From '93 Til Infinity: A Dromedary Records Compilation
    Various Artists

  26. Dancing With the Star-ving b/w Me
    David Rat

  27. "50 Ft. Queenie" b/w "Adult Themes"
    Cinema Cinema

  28. Vulnerable Boy
    The Mommyheads

  29. North for the Winter
    Guy Capecelatro III

  30. Like Anything b/w Blue Button
    Guy Capecelatro III

  31. Strike Hard!
    The 65's

  32. Walk On Selfishly b/w Hyacinth
    The 65's

  33. Switch b/w Splinters
    Guy Capecelatro III

  34. Pretty In Pink b/w Greatest Pretense
    The 65's

  35. Tunnel Trees
    Cuppa Joe

  36. Shine
    Speed the Plough

  37. This Band Will Destroy Your Life
    Shirk Circus

  38. Delicate Friction
    The Mommyheads

  39. Fret Sounds

  40. Sapling
    Penguins Kill Polar Bears

  41. Vessels & Veins
    Penguins Kill Polar Bears

  42. Finest Specimens
    The Mommyheads

  43. Flying Suit
    The Mommyheads

  44. Jihad Me At Hello

  45. I Am Spartacus
    Friends, Romans, Countrymen

  46. Make the Load Lighter: Indie Rock for Haiti
    Various Artists

  47. Lippy

  48. Nurture
    Cuppa Joe

  49. Wobbles from Side to Side (remastered)


Dromedary Records Kingston, New York

Established in 1992, Dromedary Records is a home-made independent record label that releases powerful and beautiful guitar- based rock music on all different formats, with absolutely zero consideration to what people might actually be interested in buying. ... more

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