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by Cuppa Joe

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Decline 03:38
Broken Arms 04:13
Poster 01:48
Bottlerocket 03:32
Long Walk 03:31
Medium Well 03:23
Safe 03:27
French Toast 01:57
Skull Lamp 02:26
Meanings 02:35


In 1994, Dromedary released what was probably our ultimate DIY effort. Cuppa Joe's "Nurture" was thirteen tracks of articulate, home-spun indie pop from a band that was, until that point, our biggest seller.

With artwork featuring original illustrations from drummer Steve Spatuccie that was horrifyingly silkscreened by the Dromedary staff, we hand-assembled the initial pressing of 500 CDs and sent out our promo copies, hoping for the best. The response was overwhelming.

Here's what the San Diego zine Genetic Disorder had to say:

"These 13 songs are a gift. They're a present handed down from those spirits which govern creative endeavors and they capture the sensation of spending late nights at coffee shops, drinking too much espresso, and staring across the room at the most beautiful person you've ever seen, trying hard not to let your eyes linger long enough for them to notice. The catchy melodies adorning these ditties seduce the listener although they're fairly quick about it. "Sitting Limit" and "Broken Arms," among other cuts, are insidiously addictive pop, sugary sweet and loaded with chemicals and colorings nature never saw. If you desperately need a comparison, think Sebadoh meets Unrest on a starry night in the middle of Nebraska, listening to the wind whistle through the corn fields as the band members strum acoustic guitars and slowly fall asleep to dream."

The record caught on instantly, and as singer Doug Larkin and drummer Steve Spatucci went on to create more beautiful pop, and to produce the well-known indie fanzine Science Geek, "Nurture" slowly cemented itself as one of those unheralded classics that occupies a coveted spot in the record collections of the most ardent indie music fans.

Now, Dromedary is proud to release an UPDATED version of "Nurture" - a fresh mix of the album's lead track "Sitting Limit" (with brand-new guitar from Doug Larkin), four additional tracks from the band's early 90s studio sessions, and, perhaps most importantly, the REAL cover illustration from Steve.

Classic Cuppa tunes like "Bottlerocket," "French Toast," and "Broken Arms." A fresh recording of "Sitting Limit." Previously unreleased tracks like "Backseat Window," and a revisit of "Meanings," the band's first indie release from the long out-of-print 1992 Dromedary compilation "Nothing Smells Quite Like Elizabeth." All for five bucks.

How can you go wrong?


released March 2, 2010

Catalog DRM009


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Dromedary Records Kingston, New York

Established in 1992, Dromedary Records is a home-made independent record label that releases powerful and beautiful guitar- based rock music on all different formats, with absolutely zero consideration to what people might actually be interested in buying. ... more

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